The Autumn Republic. Book Review

February 3, 2016

THE AUTUMN REPUBLIC by Brian McClellan Orbit. p/b, 624pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Lord Claremonte is in the running to become First Minister of Adro. Tamas is deep [...]

Lord of Ashes. Book Review

February 3, 2016

LORD OF ASHES by Richard Ford Headline. p/b. 352pp, £9.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. The Elharim has appetites even the Khurtic warriors cannot keep up with. Amon Tugha [...]

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. Book Review

February 3, 2016

THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD by Patricia A. McKillip Gollancz p/b. 208pp, £9.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins On the Eld Mountain lives a wizard woman who dwells with a [...]

The Clone Army Attacketh. Book Review

February 3, 2016

The Clone Army Attacketh by Ian Doescher Quirk Books, h/b, 176pp, £11.99 Review by Brin Lunt One might suspect that a Star Wars book written in the style of William [...]

The Child Eater. Book Review

February 3, 2016

THE CHILD EATER by Rachel Pollack Jo Fletcher Books, p/b, 384pp, £8.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan Rachel Pollack has gained herself a reputation of producing highly literate [...]

The Almost King. Book Review

February 3, 2016

The Almost King by Lucy Saxon Bloomsbury, p/b, 416pp, £7.99 Reviewed by Martin Willoughby This books begins a few years after the end of ‘Take back the Skies’, but with [...]

The Blood Red City. Book Review

February 3, 2016

THE BLOOD RED CITY by Justin Richards Del Rey, p/b, 400pp, £8.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns Richards’ second book in his The Never War trilogy returns to the time of the [...]

The Book of the New Sun. Book Review

February 2, 2016

THE BOOK OF THE NEW SUN VOL 1: SHADOW AND CLAW by Gene Wolfe Gollancz. p/b. £10.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Torturer’s apprentice, Severian, is given a coin by a [...]
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