Heron Fleet by Paul Beatty

November 23, 2014

HERON FLEET by Paul Beatty, Matador Press, P/B, £8.99 Reviewed by Steve Dean The world of humanity has gone to pieces, again. This time the culprit holding the smoking gun [...]

Jane by by P. F Jeffery. Book review

November 23, 2014

JANE by P. F Jeffery, Chômu Press, P/B, £13.50 Reviewed by Steve Dean “Thousands of years in the future…”, it says on the blurb, “the division between the sexes [...]

Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker. Ebook review

November 8, 2014

Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker, DarkFuse, Kindle, £1.97, Website Reviewed by Dave Brzeski It’s been almost two years since I reviewed ‘The Hoard’, by Alan Ryker—a [...]

The Incredible Melting Man. Film Review

October 23, 2014

THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN Director: William Sachs Screenplay: William Sachs Starring: Alex Rebar, Burr DeBenning, Myron Healey Running Time: 84 mins Format: Dual Format [...]

Mark of the Devil. Film Review

October 23, 2014

MARK OF THE DEVIL Director: Michael Armstrong Screenplay: Michael Armstrong Starring: Herbert Lom, Udo Kier, Reggie Nalder, Olivera Katarina Running Time: 97mins Format: Dual [...]
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