A Feast of Frights. Book Review


Edited by Jeani Rector

Horror Zine, p/b –  £10.91. Kindle – £3.24

Reviewed by Rebekah Lunt

I reviewed the previous anthology from the Horror Zine (here) and thought it was a pretty impressive mix. This collection impressed me more, and for different reasons. There is still the same solid mix of horror-based writing from both up-and-coming and established writers; the same eclectic mix of prose, poetry and art; and the same coherence as a collection, but this time round there are a few extras worthy of comment.

The extras this time are:

1, in the form of a better structure – with hindsight, I prefer this collection’s structure of more discrete sections, as it allows a ‘rhythm’ or flow to build which was otherwise liable to become interrupted in the previous book due to the more (seemingly) random intermixing of the formats;

2, I think the art in this anthology is generally stronger;

3, there is an inclusion of a substantial section of author interviews and articles.

All the things I said last time are true of this collection too – particularly that this too would make a great set of reads for the commuting horror-fan. Hopefully Jeani and the folks at Horror Zine will continue to release these anthologies, especially because they help us keep our fingers on the quickening pulse of horror fiction.

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